Refurbish vs. Rebuild

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At Rescreen Rescue, we understand that many of our Florida customers have to make the decision of whether their screened-in porch, patio, or pool enclosure needs refurbished or rebuilt. In this blog, Rescreen Rescue will talk about why rebuilding isn’t necessary in every situation, and why refurbishing might be the better approach and give you that “brand new” look for less. When it comes to rejuvenating your outdoor space, we want you to make the best decision for your space and your wallet!

Do You Really Need a Rebuild?
Before jumping into the time-consuming and costly process of a complete rebuild for your screen enclosure, consider a more efficient and budget-friendly alternative, such as refurbishing with Rescreen Rescue. A rebuild is only necessary in cases of severe storm damage or significant structural issues. Having a professional Florida rescreening and screen repair company like Rescreen Rescue handle your rescreening and repairs might be all you need to bring your screen enclosure back to life, while saving you both time and money.

Refurbishing with Rescreen Rescue
When you hire a reputable rescreening and repair company, like Rescreen Rescue, you can have your screened enclosure refurbished, which is more cost effective, faster, and preserves its unique character. Our refurbishing services at Rescreen Rescue go beyond patching up the visible wear and tear, ensuring a long-lasting transformation that enhances both aesthetics and functionality. Our refurbishing services include premium features such as a Phifer screen of your choice, guaranteeing durability and optimal visibility. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint, a screen repair or rescreen, new stainless-steel screws, or hardware replacement, we go the extra mile and make your screened outdoor space look brand new for less. Our work is backed by a 5-year workmanship warranty, and we are licensed and insured for your peace of mind. When you entrust us to refurbish your screened outdoor space, it will remain virtually maintenance-free for a decade or more.

Rescreen Rescue in the Tampa Bay Area
Rescreen Rescue is your go-to partner for rescreening and screen repair services in the Tampa Bay Area. Our rescreening services breathe new life into your existing structure, addressing issues like tears, holes, sagging screens, and old screws and hardware. We also offer affordable screen enclosure packages that include everything you need to create a protected outdoor space that is perfectly shaded, keeps you safe from bugs, and remains comfortable all year long.

Contact Rescreen Rescue today for a personalized consultation. Justin Sizemore, Rescreen Rescue’s Owner with 20 years of experience in the industry, can assess your specific needs, and provide tailored recommendations that align with your budget and vision to create a finished product that will stand up to time and the harsh elements that Florida has to offer. Call or text Justin Sizemore today at 727 348-4307 for a quote!